Challenged by aging infrastructure and growing community demands in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, wastewater utilities and water departments look for cost-effective solutions to upgrade and expand their collection and treatment systems.

With this in mind, ESA provides clients with the right expertise and practical knowledge needed to develop plans and projects that are environmentally sound, sustainable, and feasible.

We offer clients environmental specialists and water resource experts who effectively partner with project engineers and utility managers from project inception. We investigate environmental opportunities and constraints; identify feasible alternatives that include sustainable approaches for siting, design and construction; prepare technical studies and compliance documentation; develop permit strategies and mitigation plans; and monitor mitigation compliance.

We guide clients to successful project completion with sound, science-based analyses, established relationships with critical regulatory agencies, and effective public outreach. Whether the project is pilot-scale or a systemwide facilities plan, ESA adds value to every project team through our practical experience, technical expertise, regulatory understanding, and commitment to the success of our clients.

Specialized Services

  • Development feasibility (constraints/opportunities, due diligence)
  • EMF and health risk assessments
  • Low impact development
  • Permitting assistance
  • Water quality analyses