Our pioneering work on river and floodplain restoration formed the basis of what is often called the Living River approach.

Living Rivers are stable, but not static. They exhibit a combination of gradual evolution and periodic disturbances that create the foundation for ecological diversity. To recreate these processes in our restoration projects we study the watershed context and the history of river systems to understand why they are impaired, how they will evolve on their own, and how to work with nature to aid recovery. We then marry this understanding with engineering practice to develop practical restoration plans.

Our expertise includes geomorphic assessments, channel and floodplain design, biotechnical bank stabilization and grade control, creek daylighting, wetland restoration, fisheries habitat enhancement, fish passage enhancement, engineering design, production of design drawings and construction bid packages, construction support, and pre- and post-project monitoring.

Specialized Services

  • Biotechnical bank stabilization and grade control
  • Channel and floodplain restoration design
  • Creek daylighting
  • Design specifications and construction bid packages
  • Fish passage design
  • Fisheries habitat enhancement
  • Geomorphic assessments
  • Wetland restoration