Restoration Engineering Design and Implementation

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Our experience leading projects from planning through construction has developed critical skills for implementing successful and sustainable restoration projects.

Restoration and rehabilitation designs based on natural geomorphic processes result in resilient projects that support a range of ecosystem functions. Successful implementation requires the integration of multiple disciplines – engineering, geomorphology, and biology – in addition to strong communication skills. Clear and accurate construction documents including engineering plans, technical specifications, and cost estimates with realistic construction schedules effectively translate project goals into practical, constructable designs.

We design restoration and enhancement plans for a full range of aquatic ecosystems: from creeks, rivers, and floodplains to wetlands, beaches, and other shore forms. Our time spent in the field supporting contractors during the construction process informs creative, constructable, and cost-effective designs. Our involvement and support throughout the construction period ensures the design intent is realized, project objectives are achieved, and we meet client expectations.

Specialized Services

  • Biotechnical bank stabilization and grade control
  • Channel and floodplain restoration design
  • Creek daylighting
  • Design specifications and construction bid packages
  • Engineering design and construction documents
  • Fish passage design
  • Fisheries habitat enhancement