To protect streams that receive stormwater from the adverse impacts of erosion, many municipalities and private developers prepare hydromodification management plans or HMPs.

Hydromodification management presents an opportunity to incorporate best management practices (BMPs) that will protect both water quality and natural resource values. We develop HMPs and provide hydrograph modification impact assessments, mitigation planning and stormwater BMP designs that assist agencies and developers in complying with local, state and federal regulations.

How do we do it? We combine our experience with runoff modeling, channel geomorphology and BMP design to provide tailored packages for our clients, from a stormwater plan for an entire county to a design for an individual property.

Specialized Services

  • Channel and floodplain restoration design
  • Hydrograph modification
  • Low impact development
  • Modeling and analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Rainfall-runoff modeling
  • Runoff management plans
  • Stormwater management