Thomas Cully Park

Thomas Cully Park - Plan Rendering

This much-anticipated 25-acre community park is surrounded by a mixture of industrial, commercial, and residential land uses in the Cully neighborhood – the most park-deficient neighborhood in NE Portland. ESA assisted Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) for over 10 years, seeing the project through the master planning, design, and construction process. Our team worked with a diverse Project Advisory Group to successfully build consensus on needs, access, safety, and management. The site is a former quarry and landfill and has technical requirements to manage differential settlement and safe operation of methane collection and disposal systems. This necessitated careful attention during the planning and design phases to ensure that desired elements could be built while achieving identified safety goals.

To develop the master plan, our team listened to the community and collaborated closely with PP&R to prepare a creative, sustainable, and technically responsible master plan. The resulting park program included soccer, softball, and baseball fields, a plaza and concession area, sport court, picnic facilities, restrooms, trails, community garden, tribal gathering area, off-leash dog park, and native prairie revegetation. During the design and construction phase ESA supported Verde, a non-profit that strives to bring new investments to Portland’s neighborhoods, involve community members in the planning and building of these investments, and ensure that low-income people and people of color directly benefit. ESA managed the design team for Verde and PP&R, coordinating the services of several sub-consultants as the project moved through construction documentation phase and into construction. The project is notable for its elevated stakeholder involvement resulting in unique design elements like the tribal gathering garden and successful resolution of the technical challenges presented by the landfill. Project implementation was accelerated by the grassroots ‘Let Us Build Cully Park’ crowdfunding campaign that raised over $75,000.  

Specialized Services

  • Construction documents (PS&E)
  • Construction phase services
  • Master planning
  • Meeting displays/facilitation
  • Public engagement

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