San Luis Rey River Mitigation Bank

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Wildlands, Inc. is planning to restore 41 acres of farmland along the San Luis Rey River in Oceanside, San Diego County, to a mosaic of wetlands and riparian forest centered on the braided river channel.

ESA assessed the site hydrology, developed a geomorphic basis for the channel restoration, led the development of engineering plans, and prepared a Conditional Letter of Map Revision application for FEMA demonstrating that the project would not cause offsite flood impacts. On a fast-track schedule driven by the Bank Enabling Instrument, we conducted fieldwork, met with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Mitigation Bank Review Team and city planners, developed an effective FEMA flood model, and completed a preliminary habitat and flood risk analysis within four weeks of the contract start date.

Our team demonstrated that the proposed design met USACE criteria for jurisdictional wetlands using a combination of floodplain inundation modeling and two years of groundwater monitoring. The design increased the microtopography of the site to maximize California Rapid Assessment Method scores, a standardized, cost-effective tool for assessing the health of wetlands and riparian habitats. In subsequent phases, we created 30 and 60 percent design documents and we are developing final engineering documents for project grading and construction. We also designed grading plans, conducted erosion assessments, and wrote stormwater management plans for the seven soil disposal sites following City of Oceanside planning regulations.

On a rapid schedule, ESA’s team was able to conduct fieldwork, meet with the USACE Mitigation Bank Review Team and city planners, develop an effective FEMA flood model, and complete a preliminary habitat and flood risk analysis to meet the Bank Enabling Instrument deadline for this proposed mitigation bank.

Specialized Services

  • Design specifications and construction bid packages
  • Engineering design and construction documents
  • Habitat restoration and enhancement
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Wetland restoration