Sammamish Side Channel Levee Project

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Before restoring more than a quarter-mile of side channel and wetlands along the Sammamish River to provide rearing habitat for Chinook salmon, the City of Bothell needed to understand the likelihood of impats to cultural resources.

ESA developed and supervised the implementation of field testing for potentially deeply buried cultural resources along a quarter mile of the Sammamish River. From field samples to historic research, our team worked to develop a cultural resources report in compliance with both Executive Order 05-05 based on State Salmon Recovery Funding and, as a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit was anticipated, also National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 requirements. The City of Bothell has received State Salmon Recovery Funding to conduct the initial restoration designs.

To provide much needed rearing habitat for Chinook, coho, sockeye, and steelhead salmon, ESA collaborated with the City of Bothell to anticipate cultural regulatory needs. 

Specialized Services

  • County and city regulations and mandates
  • Cultural resources management plans
  • Environmental compliance documentation
  • Executive Order 05-05, Washington
  • Geological and soils investigations
  • Historical investigations, documentation, and plans
  • Inventories and reporting
  • National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA)
  • Native American, ethnographic, and archaeological studies
  • Section 106 compliance and documentation
  • US Army Corps of Engineers