River Road Community Park

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River Road Park in Salem, Oregon, has been a location of sports, pedestrian leisure, and playgrounds since the first baseball diamond was constructed in 1956. When the City of Salem’s Department of Public Works demolished the old park during construction of a wet weather treatment facility, they envisioned a brand new park for the public to enjoy as part of the overall facility plan.

ESA collaborated with the City of Salem, neighborhood associations, and stakeholders who attended two public open houses to guide a park master plan that reflects the community’s park and recreation needs. From concept to final design, we led the site design and civil engineering aspects for the 16.1-acre park and later provided construction observation. The new River Road Park includes active sporting fields and courts; family-oriented and passive amenities such as a picnic area, playground, and aquatic spray area; and a system of plazas linked by an accessible loop trail with future connection to a regional trail system. To capture stormwater runoff and improve drainage to recreational areas, we integrated bioswales into our parking lot design and an underdrain collection system into the ballfields. These low impact stormwater management aspects helped to minimize the need for storm sewer pipes and structures.

River Road Park is now one of the most popular and heavily used parks in the City of Salem. ESA’s careful reorganization of park amenities resulted in a more efficient use of park space, substantial improvement to site access and visibility, and improved park safety.

Specialized Services

  • Design specifications and construction bid packages
  • Native plant revegetation
  • Public access, trail analysis and design