Amelia Island Shorebird Study

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This South Amelia Island Shore Stabilization (SAISS) project took place after the South Amelia Island Beach Nourishment effort and entailed post-construction shorebird monitoring along a two-mile stretch of beach on the south end of Amelia Island. ESA scientists gathered data on shorebird species including number of individuals, nesting behavior, colony information, status of the nest, number of chick limits, and any disturbances to the nests. The surveys were conducted throughout the year, twice weekly during nesting season (from April to October) and once every other week from November to March. 
ESA then compiled the data via hard copy datasheets and uploaded that information to the Florida Shorebird Database. This contract has been renewed numerous times and our avifaunal expert is continuing to monitoring the bird activity for this project.

Specialized Services

  • Habitat evaluations
  • Inventories and reporting