Collaborating with the Community, Airlines, and Federal Aviation Administration to Address Aircraft Noise Concerns


Although aircraft engines have become quieter and quieter thanks to technological advancements, some communities near airports continue to express concerns about aircraft noise. Increases in aircraft operations, changes in flight corridor locations and density, and changes in the aircraft fleet mix may increase community concerns. Airport/Community Noise Roundtables are one forum for openly collaborating and addressing noise issues.

For the past three years, ESA Airports has served as Facilitator for the 13-year old Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Community Noise Roundtable, which is comprised of Los Angeles World Airports’ (LAWA) staff, elected officials, community representatives, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) personnel. Airline representatives are frequent participants in, and contributors to, the bimonthly meetings.

ESA Airports National Director, Steve Alverson, serves as the Roundtable’s Facilitator. His primary focus is to encourage open discussion among Roundtable members, while ensuring a high level of decorum and adhering to the meeting schedule. He prepares and gives technical presentations to the Roundtable on a variety of topics to educate the members and to facilitate informed discussions including aircraft noise research, new technology, federal regulations, and new aircraft noise standards. ESA Airports was recently reselected by the LAWA Airport Board to provide facilitation services to the Roundtable for another three-year term through 2016.

The LAX Roundtable follows a work program that reviews unresolved issues, adds new issues that pop up, and closes out issues that have been resolved. LAWA Noise Management staff track and report on many of the Roundtable work program items using their aircraft noise and operations management system. Opportunities for public comment are provided during the meeting. The FAA provides frequent briefings on activities related to airspace management and air traffic procedures.

The end result of the LAX Roundtable process is a highly informed group of stakeholders who willing work side by side to address the community’s noise concerns to ensure LAX is operating as quietly as possible, while meeting the needs of the traveling public.

Want to learn more about the LAX Community Noise Roundtable? Visit the Roundtable’s website at LAX Community Noise Roundtable or contact Steve Alverson at salverson [at] esassoc [dot] com.