Biological Resources and Land Management :
Federal and State Environmental Compliance

Proposed development and change to public lands often sparks concern. ESA works with parks and land managers to reveal plans using the environmental compliance processes, ensuring effective public participation and decision-making. We are a leader in preparing national and state environmental documents, including for some of the nation's most complex and controversial projects that are lightning rods for legal challenge. Our approach blends sound science and technical excellence within an analytic framework that encompass project issues. This is how we ensure legal adequacy and support for agency decision-making.

Specialized Services

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs Fee-to-Trust applications
  • California Department of Fish and Game streambed agreements
  • Community outreach programs
  • Content analysis
  • Environmental assessments
  • Environmental compliance documentation
  • Environmental impact reports
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Environmental scoping meetings
  • Mitigation monitoring and reporting
  • Project website; social media management and communication materials development
  • Stakeholder analysis