Airports :
Sustainability and Climate Change

There's increasing pressure from regulators, local agencies, and stakeholders to be environmentally responsible stewards, conserving resources and reducing harmful impacts. We work closely with airports to reduce harmful environmental impacts, develop waste reduction programs, and reduce emissions while balancing the bottom line. We partner with airports and their tenants to reduce emissions, plan for action, and raise industry standards.

Specialized Services

  • Audits
  • California AB 32, SB 32 and SB 375 compliance
  • Carbon management and mitigation
  • Carbon neutral strategies
  • Carbon offset and sequestration program design and documentation
  • Community and ecosystem adaptation plans
  • Greenhouse gas inventories, mitigation, and emissions reduction
  • Inventories and reporting
  • Life cycle carbon footprints
  • Metrics development and performance measurement
  • Organics diversion
  • Recycling programs
  • Sea level rise adaptation studies and vulnerability assessments
  • Sustainability assessments, audits, and benchmarking
  • Water conservation and reuse
  • Zero waste strategies and programs