Cathy McEfee
Central Valley / Sierra Region Water Director

ESA  Staff

As vice president and Central Valley/Sierra water group director, Cathy manages a team that specializes in collaborating with clients on projects impacting water delivery and treatment. With a solid understanding of the challenges associated with water resource management, flooding, drainage, and surface and groundwater quantity and quality, Cathy works to develop innovative solutions for handling this valuable resource.

Cathy has more than 20 years of project management experience and technical expertise in hydrology, water quality, geology, and hazardous materials. Cathy is known for leading CEQA/NEPA analysis for large, complex water resource programs and development projects throughout California. She managed the CEQA process for the California Department of Water Resources "Monterey Plus" EIR and numerous flood management and water supply projects in the California Central Valley.

Cathy has a Master of Science in water sciences and a Bachelor of Science in environmental policy analysis and planning from the University of California at Davis.